About KLIO

KLIO acts as a consultant on communication to private and public-sector companies and organisations. KLIO can handle all assignments from idea and strategy to implementation and delivery – either directly or in harness with a team of regular partners.

KLIO’s primary skills are financial communication, crisis management, and corporate communication with a view to advising, sparring with and training an organisation’s day to day management.

KLIO was originally founded in 1998. Since then, KLIO has assisted companies and corporate leaders in getting the best out of both the organisation’s management communication and the individual leader’s communication skills. The chosen solution is determined entirely by the specific situation, person and organisation, and – depending, of course, on the nature of the task – will be quantifiable and commercially or strategically supportive.

KLIO is owned and managed by Jens Gregersen, who has many years’ communication experience in both a corporate and consultative context. His previous positions have included that of head of corporate communications at the VELUX Group, information manager with the Danish Pension Fund Administration (PKA), and deputy manager of GiroBank’s communication department prior to the merger with Bikuben (now Danske Bank). He has also been deputy director of Hill & Knowlton (ABC Public Relations), and a partner and founder of Bottomline Communications, and communication and members’ director at Center for Ledelse as well as head of corporate communications at the Commissioner of the Danish National Police and the Municipality of Rudersdal. Jens Gregersen is 65, holds M.A., MPG and B.Com degrees, and is a part-time external lecturer in communication and negotiation at Copenhagen Business School (CBS).